Todd Gurley sees one big similarity between Matt Ryan, Jared Goff


Falcons running back Todd Gurley has played with a couple of quarterbacks who were drafted in the top three, and who have gotten major contracts since getting the major contract that goes along with being a top-three draft pick. Appearing earlier this week on PFT PM, Gurley was asked to identify any similarities between Rams quarterback Jared Goff and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

“They both rich as hell,” Gurley said with a laugh.

Indeed they are. Ryan makes $30 million per year, and Goff makes even more than that. Ryan has earned franchise-quarterback money since 2008.

Gurley got a little richer earlier this year, when the Rams paid him $5.05 million that they still owed after releasing him. He addresses that issue, along with the mistake he made earlier this season when he fell into the end zone while trying to not score.

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